Save Yourself - They Won't Effort Move to State Changes


I have spent 7-1/2 years working towards getting access for all residents to the affairs of the city.


We currently have a mayor that keeps running on a platform of transparency, and has been anything but.


The current leadership does not want to be held accountable for their statements or actions (or lack thereof) and has used their power over the city attorney to block the enforcement of their violations. It is personal for the Harper's and the Heisler's. When I bring complaints of their official actions, they make personal attacks - to me and to others. That is not productive for anyone.


There are some pretty bad issues, all over the state, where city staff is maintaining oppressive control and the elected refuse to represent and abide by their oath's of office. It has become apparent for the need to change state law, in order to require some sunlight and get the enforcement off the backs of citizens.


To that end, I am transitioning all efforts to the state effort to change these laws.


If you are a citizen in Lafayette that would like to take responsibility for the reporting of oversight issues, are someone who would like to be mentored on how to make that happen, or want to help with the statewide effort, please feel free to contact me.


This page will remain for another couple of months. If you wish to see citizen authority evolve, please go to


Angela - 4.12.2014