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   Public Documents

 Do not pay for public documents from the City of Lafayette. If you need something that isn't here, please let me know. I still have a couple thousand that haven't been posted yet.


Accounting and Budget


Bonds and Loans

City Ordinance, Building Code and Ordinance Violation Information

City Administrator Evaluations

City Forms

City Property Maintenance

Contracts - Charter - Rules

Correspondence - Staff and Councilors


Fire Department and Emergency Resource


HOA Information in Lafayette

Lafayette City Council

Lafayette City Newsletters

Land Use and LUBA

League of Oregon Cities

Linda Lyon - Lafayette Citizens Fund


Miscellaneous Information


Concerned Citizens of Lafayette

OCCMA Listserve Message Database

Planning Commission


RFPs - Bids - Recruitment

SDC - System Development Charges

SEI - Statement of Economic Interest forms filed by Lafayette Officials

Water and Sewer - Water Board

Yamhill County

OK! So you have taken a look at our documents page and said "I was a City Councilor, County Commissioner, etc... and I have a bunch of documents, too. I wonder if they would like to post the documents I have to fill in the gaps." OF COURSE WE WOULD!! Sorry I got so excited for a moment. If you have documents in electronic form just send them to

If you have documents in paper form use this link - - to contact us so we can make arrangements with you to scan them for you. Thanks again for coming to the documents page. Happy Hunting!


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Cover of the Oregon State Attorney General's Public Records and Meeting Manual