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== FEMA Map Service Center Map CD/DVD Disc -- Overview                                 

The TIF files found on this disc are written using Group 4 compression. The 
majority of the Map Service Center's TIF files were scanned at 400 DPI 
although a very small number were scanned at 200 DPI.

You can view the black & white TIF files with the Flood Map Image Tool (F-MIT) Basic or another image viewer that handles TIF files with Group4 compression. The F-MIT application is available for free download from the Map Service Center at:

The viewer does not support the viewing or creation of FIRMettes for two color maps.  The Viewer is designed for use with black and white images only.

To create and print FIRMettes from the maps on your disc, use the F-Mit 
application. (FIRMettes are an official copy of a user selected portion of a 
flood map.)

Flood Insurance Studies are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. A free 
viewer for PDF documents is available for download from Adobe at:

== Files included on the disc                                                   

Following is a list of the files included on the disc in addition to the maps, 
studies, or other digital products which were ordered. Several files are 
provided on the first disc to permit the construction of a small database to 
order and cross reference the maps or studies by state, county, and FEMA 
community. Each disc also contains a listing of the files which appear on that 
disc as well as a reference listing of all of the files in the order.

NOTE: For the file names below, substitute your order number for "ORDER#". 
For example, the primary cross reference listing for order number 87654 would 
be "87654_DEL.txt" and the complete file listing that appears on each disc 
would be "87654_ALL.txt".

Files which appear on the FIRST disc of the order ONLY:

This file contains a detailed listing of all of the files in an order, cross 
referenced by state and county Federal Information Processing Standards 
(FIPS) code and FEMA Community Name. The fields are separated by a tab.
- Field 1 is the disc number on which the image can be found (i.e., "disc_2" 
for disc 2 in an order).
- Field 2 is the panel/study number of the image.
- Field 3 is the community Name.
- Field 4 is the state FIPS code.
- Field 5 is the county FIPS code.

This file contains FIPS code and county name for every county in the United 
States. The fields are separated by a tab.
- Field 1 is the county FIPS code.
- Field 2 is the county name.

This file contains FIPS code, state name, and state postal abbreviation for 
every state or territory in the United States. The fields are separated by a 
- Field 1 is the state FIPS code.
- Field 2 is the two letter state postal code (e.g. "MD" for Maryland).
- Field 3 is the state or territory name.

Files which appear on EVERY disc of the order:

This file is a listing of all images/studies for the entire order. The fields 
are separated by tabs. This file is the same on each disc.
- Field 1 is the panel/study number of the image.
- Field 2 is the community name.

This file is identical to the format found in ORDER#_ALL.txt (above) except 
that this file contains only the files for the specific disc on which it