This is an unofficial page devoted to the Lafayette-Henry Creek Watershed, near Lafayette, Oregon. Most of the watershed is owned by the City of Lafayette, and provides the town with most of its drinking water from wells and springs. In 1999 the Lafayette City Council authorized a large clearcut timber harvest in the property, after reviewing a university class project proposal. The revenue received was used in the replacement of old leaking main water lines in the older part of Lafayette. After much negative community response to the clearcut, the council created the Lafayette Watershed Citizens Advisory Board in December of 1999. In the summer of 2000, the mayor was recalled, and that same week the city administrator quit. The recall issues included the clearcut controversy. The watershed board was comprised of Lafayette citizens, a city councilor, a former mayor, landowners near the watershed property, and technical advisors. The board received a grant from OWEB to produce a watershed management plan for the future. The board has been meeting monthly since January of 2000, and working on that plan, with community input, and profesional advice from Scott Ferguson of Individual Tree Selection, and Barry Schreiber of Fauna and Flora. In fall of 2001, the citizens of Lafayette once again had a recall election, and recalled several city councilors. The city has been without a mayor since the mayoral recall of 2000. A special election is scheduled for February of 2002 for the open mayoral and counilor positions. This website is maintained as a central document center relating to the history and future of the watershed. There has been so much turn-over in the local city staff and elected officials, that future people may need a resource to learn about our precious resource--our watershed. Board minute meetings are unofficial. For official minutes, please contact the City of Lafayette. Thankyou, Travis Johnson

Lafayette Area and Henry Creek Watershed Links

Summer 2001 Scott Ferguson Forest Stewardship Plan Initial Proposal

May 8, 2001 Meeting Minutes

April, 2001 Unofficial (uncorrected) Meeting Minutes--Please contact City Hall for corrected minutes--there are always changes!

March, 2001 Fauna and Flora Consultant Proposal

February 20, 2001 WCAB Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2001 WCAB Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2000 WCAB Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2000 WCAB Public Meeting Minutes

Lafayette Watershed Citizen's Advisory Board July 2000 Press Release

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Yamhill Basin Council.

Yamhill Watershed by Federal EPA.

December 2001 Suggested Changes from Carol Paddock to Scott Ferguson on the 90% complete watershed forest management proposal.

Fall 2001 Suggestions from Carol Paddock on watershed public access.

April 2001 Position Letter from Travis Johnson to Carol Paddock, My Friend & Neighbor

Response Email from Carol Paddock, 4-9-01

April 2001 Revised Position Letter & Response from Travis Johnson to Carol Paddock

Response Email from Carol Paddock 4-16-01

September 21, 2000 Letter from Carol Paddock to WCAB regarding slash burning (Put here by request)

October 18, 2000 Letter from Carol Paddock to WCAB regarding multiple use in the watershed (Put here by request)

Watershed Park Proposal, from Summer 2000, by Walter Forster (Local Citizen Opinion, used by permission)

1999 and 2000 Letters from Travis Johnson and Walter Forster to Local Print Media Regarding the Watershed

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1999 Oregonian Article on the Watershed Clearcut

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1999 Business Journal Article on the Trappist Abbey Forest Management Plan

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August, 1998 News Register Brief History of Logging in Yamhill County

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