Save Yourself - They Won't

   Don't shop - adopt!

While doing some research for another project, I requested the business license list for Lafayette.

I skimmed the list to acquaint myself with the business community. I came across a new entry for Valley Vineyard Labradoodles, a dog breeder.

Husband and I have spent the last 12 years working with animal rescue organizations, so breeders are kind of pet peeve of mine.

I looked up Valley Vineyard's website and saw that it full of all kinds of frightening myths. After getting in touch with the executive director of Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. (and reviewing their website), I found out that the idea that Labradoodles are already over bred and at risk. People buy them thinking the dog is going to have all these great traits and then find out that was wrong.

But, here are some other interesting observations I made. The breeder advises the dogs she breeds are members of her family, just loved so much. She loves them so much that she forces them to get pregnant, go through labor, raise them, wean them and then sells them off, all with the pup mom never knowing where her babies are. Would you do this with a child? I would hope not, but this 'very caring home breeder' has not an issue with doing this to a member of her family. All so she can make a few bucks and write off her animal owning expenses. She had so much success with the last litter, she is planning on getting both girls knocked up soon (at the same time) and is taking deposits now. At what point does it become a puppy mill? And what happens when she can't dump all the pups?

An interesting twist in this story...The lady who runs the breeding factory in her home is married to the Mayor. They have been in operation since August of last year, according to their website info, but only got a city business license in August of this year. We have not had a breeder here in town since we moved here, but they got a pass-through on the business occupation permit with zero input from the community. Guess that's what happens when you sign the paychecks.

And, according to their homeowner's association rules, a dog breeder is not an allowed use. No matter on that, though. The mayor has plenty of pull with the HOA board.

Given the Mayor has a penchant for only associating with people who are pedigreed, it totally makes sense that he wants his and other people's dogs to be pedigreed as well.

With all of the dogs out there that are in need of safe homes, I encourage you not to pay for an animal. There are rescues that specialize in specific breeds if you feel the need to have a purebred dog. We have three dogs, all rescues. Two are purebred of their origin. One was taken from a puppy mill.

You can also be animal foster until the pet can find a forever home or you become a 'foster failure' and adopt. You can go to Petfinder and see all kinds of wonderful animals that need help.