Save Yourself - They Won't

   Who does he serve?


While doing research to catch myself up in city affairs, I went back and reread the documents that Heisler has offered up during his campaigns, both for mayor and in response to citizen based activities.

One statement pretty much sums it up...Doh!

In addition, I find it very interesting that he has made claims that the city overcharges for utilities, but offers no concrete proof or relief. He has said he wants clearer and more information regarding city affairs. Still hasn't happened. Although, it appears, if a council matter will be especially tenuous, he does manage to be out of town, so maybe that's a bonus.

He has made opinionated comments of what other's homes look like and should look like. But, for someone who made an investment in Lafayette, and had a $110,000.00 net loss, I'm a little concerned about his ability to being responsible for Other People's Money (OPM is the running joke used among many government staff). It seems he is more worried about his investment, and his perceived idea of how to correct that, than other people's right to live their lives and enjoy their homes, whatever they may look like - no matter the color or the half empty yard debris container in their driveway.

He has been snarky and disrespectful to me and has never apologized to me when he was found to be wrong. He has blocked first amendment rights to freedom of speech. He has blocked the legal video taping of a meeting. The list goes on and on.

So, when someone says that he has done good for this town, I ask them to tell me what? They can't think of a single thing.

It's like buying a lemon used car. Looks pretty but doesn't run.

Read his promises here:

LafayetteOregon - Concerned Citizens