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Linda Lyon - By Request

Updated: July 17, 2012

Linda Lyon has contacted her attorney, Casey Pence (Robertson) of Kivel  & Howard LLP. Linda's attorney has advised me that if I do not remove either all of Linda's information or just the information Linda wrote about her family (I'm not really sure - the attorney said one thing and then said everything so who knows?), Linda will have no option other than to seek her legal remedies. Apparently, her attorney didn't bother to remind her that I also have legal remedies to explore. But, generally, I am not a litigious person. Don't those people that always say" I'm gonna call my lawyer" just irritate to no end?

Anyway, I am weighing my options. I have spent the time and effort responding to Ms. Pence advising of the evidence involved, and the factually incorrect information she provided in her letter. In the meantime, while I decide, I have taken it down. Drama is not a world I enjoy living in, while other might. If is does come back, there won't be an entry here from Linda.

I have spent way more time dealing with Ms. Lyon than I want to endure, even after numerous requests to her to stop contacting me. I have posted what she asked, even though her statements were inaccurate. But, I have refused to redact information she regretted writing. I even received an email from her saying she was happy with things. And, then she calls out the big dogs.

Do I give in out of fatigue, which is why I explained to Linda that most people give in to her? Or do I stand my ground and prove a point? Haven't decided yet. Have a very busy couple weeks ahead of me, so might just have to wait to make any big decisions. In the mean time, the letter from the attorney, my response and all the rest of the emails that Linda has sent will get posted, as well as some very interesting facts regarding city finances and the efforts to make things 'beautiful' to a handful of people.


Lake Canyon View

From: Esther Flood

Posted: April 2012

Welcome To Canyon View Lake!

Canyon View Lake - Water Hazard at US Postal Boxes - Lafayette, OR

Odd that Lafayette City Employees come to this location once a day, to check on the Sewer Pump Station, and park next to the Hazard. Nothing gets done about this problem, which has been there for several years. (That hole in the center of the picture is ONLY 3 inches deep.)
How long do we have to wait for the City of Lafayette to work on this HAZARD which is a problem for walkers and motorists alike?


From: Linda Lyon

Posted: October 29, 2010

This is in response to Don Leard talking about me.

I was teasing Don about burning Chris sign. I was laughing when I said that and in fact we BOTH were laughing about it. I was joking with him. I know he would never do such a thing. As Don said, it was probably Kids.

I hope everyone can come to the Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, November 6th at American Café from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm to benefit the Lafayette Citizen Fund. Prices $7:00, $5.50 and FREE to children 3 years of age and under.


Linda Lyon


From: Don Leard

Posted: October 22, 2010

The door look represents the back door dealings of Chris Heisler.

Linda Lyon had a long discussion with me a little while ago about my signs. I told her that the back door stands for the back door dealings he had with Justin Boone, giving him paid time off when he did not have it coming. not only once but twice. Chris required or made Trena cut him a check for pto. She knew that he did not have it coming to him and Chris demanded that she write him out a check anyway. Trena knew it was wrong but was required to do it. That is only some of his back door dealings.

The whole thing about the park was another prime example. I have no idea if that money that the tax payers paid Boone was ever reimbursed to the city. Another thing that I do not agree with, that the whole council was involved with, was to pay Boones moving expenses. I believe it was $5000.00. He rented a moving van and moved himself. Was the difference in cost for that move ever paid back to the city? I bet not. Our tax dollars at work!

Then Linda mentioned about Chris's sign being burnt. She asked me if I set it on fire. In other words insinuating that I did it. Talk about "mudding someones name".

Heisler is still campaigning that I live in Newberg, and I am not even running for mayor for the City of Lafayette. I fought the battle of residency in court once. I am a lafayette resident. I have a drivers license, tax papers and a Yamhill County judge declaring my residency. And that happens to be Lafayette.

You can post this on your web site if you like. thank you and have a great evening.

Don Leard


From: Dean Rhodes

Posted: October 19, 2010

In June, Chris Heisler claimed the city was overcharging residents $600,000 on the water bills. The city has approximately 1,300 water customers, which means an average overcharge of more than $400 per year per customer, or an average of more than $33 per customer per month. Yet, here it is in late October, and Hiesler and his City Council still have not found that $600K and brought "sanity" back to our water rates as promised in the recall effort. Have your water rates changed by more than $30 a month? Mine certainly has not. Why not? Chris Heisler controls the Council. He has no excuse for not finding the money he said in his pro-recall flier was there! He's probably hoping you forgot about his made-up claim. Lafayette voters should remember what they were told in June by Mr. Heisler and what has transpired since then -- nothing. It was the old bait-and-switch sales tactic, and it worked.

So it is no wonder that the Heisler dominated Council has no problem with a city administrator who fudged his resume to include a degree from a diploma mill. I wonder why it is a criminal offense for the Mayor of West Linn to do exactly the same thing from the same diploma mill, but OK for public employees to do it and get away with a warning letter?! says the No. 1 reason for being fired from a job is, get this, lying on your resume! Not in Lafayette, I guess, under this Council. Voters have a choice on Nov. 2: Re-establish integrity and honesty at city hall, or continue down a road where elected officials trot out misinformation as fact, fail to follow through on their promises and support those who do not tell the truth. It's your choice, Lafayette. As for me, I am voting for Lucas, Mead, Bennett, Smith and Long, and writing-in Nick Harris for the second two-year term.

Posted with Dean's permission, comment was also posted on


From: Fred Owen

Posted: October 16, 2010

If the folks in Lafayette don't vote, then they'll get what they deserve! And then some!!

As things stand now, few of us have a say in things. The current mayor (Chris Heisler) has things pretty much his way. That ain't necessarily the RIGHT WAY!!! Hizzonor appointed two cronies to fill the council seats he managed to get vacated by a pretty obvious recall earlier this year. He now has enough of his sycophant's on the ballot in a couple of weeks to put hizzonor in political Utopia. He calls the shots and his minions fire away!

When Heisler was campaigning a couple of years ago, he made much of "Transparency" he wanted to bring to City Hall. Well, he got what he asked for! And then some!! Now Mayor Chris Heisler is as transparent as as cellophane. He engineered a recall successfully. He installed a temporary city manager with false credentials and doesn't seem to possess the cajones to rid himself of his mistake; has forced two pretty good heads to resign from council. He has put in place a "Water Board " made of more cronies. And now he has put himself up for another two year term!! Along with still more cronies running for council!
If all goes a according to hizzonor's plans, you and I, citizens of Lafayette, will be on the sidelines watching a rigged game that would put the famed Chicago Black Sox to shame!!

SOLUTION?? Vote ALL THE RASCALS out of city hall! Elect a new team! Get rid of Chris Heisler and Company!!


From Wed, 09/15/2010 - 1:39pm - Posted by: tj100

We'll see if Lafayette is full of suckers or not. If they vote in Heisler, Harper, Sproul, LaMay and Higby then the resounding answer is YES!!!


From Wed, 09/15/2010 - 12:50pm - Posted by: wildcat11

The recall of the council members was as transparent as my window. People were suckers if they thought our water rates were going to drop.


From Tue, 09/14/2010 - 9:57am - Posted by: NHarris

Lafayette, tonight the water committee will have its first meeting at City Hall. For months Chris Heisler, Chris Harper and Trevor Higby had met under the guise of a Citizen Action committee with Leah Harper and Chris Heisler providing all of the City Documents without going through the proper procedures. It was revealed that Leah Harper with the help of former City Administrator Justin Boone allowed a citizen from Amity free access to the City's network and files without filing a single request, violating City rules. Did Heisler or Harper share any of this information with what they had found out? No. Again another violation of Council rules, instead they post it on - A website that is maintained by Mary Heisler - the Mayor's wife.
Not once during the budget process did either Heisler, Harper or Higby raise any questions on the fees that are charged for water. Why? Because they know that it is a farce and the only way they could recall Mr. Cullen and Mr. Rhodes was to promote the ancient way that Politicians raise fears is through someones wallet. Have your rates gone down? NO. Will they ever? Probably not, without seriously jeopardizing the current infrastructure, even Mr. Wrabek who is currently serving under false academic credentials; acknowledges that you have to save for future capital improvement projects. The City is falling apart - we did good this last year to modernize and repair some parks, but our roads, sidewalks, and water and sewer lines are going to need some attention very soon and unfortunately history will repeat itself and the city will fail again by having to request massive spending to address these problems. It is really sad that these people in Council call themselves leaders. I for one am not impressed. That is why I stepped down in humility by humbling myself for the Council's behavior. Lafayette Citizens take heed and vote in November.


From Tue, 09/14/2010 - 9:31am - Posted by: Dean

Yes, lafayette1, your sarcasm is warranted. The whole reason for the recent recall election ("Bring sanity to our water rates") was based on lies and that is being proven now. This is the third city administrator to advise that our water rates actually are not too high. "I'm not sure we're saving enough," the new guy says. I'm surprised they didn't fire him on the spot for saying something like that. Chris Heisler claims we're overcharging by $600,000; Mr. Wrabek disagrees! So who is telling the truth and who isn't? It's disheartening that Chris Heisler doesn't realize that infrastructure wears out. The folks in San Bruno, Calif., saw what happens when aging infrastructure fails! Lafayette needs to continue saving money for infrastructure repair and replacement instead of doing the politically expedient thing and lowering rates just to be popular and win votes. So who is the politician here? The person who wants to be penny-wise but pound foolish (Chris Heisler) or the responsible public servants who wanted to save money for future needs (the recalled councilors)? Mr. Wrabek is making the same argument that Diane Rinks made throughout 2009, but she was not listened to by Chris Heisler, Leah Harper and Chris Pagella because of their personal dislike for her. Now that Mr. Wrabek is stating it, it suddenly makes sense?! Also, Chris Heisler talks about wanting a transparent city government. Why, then, did they just muzzle Public Works Foreman Jim Anderson by making the city administrator the only one who can comment to the media about city business? They want to control the message, particularly about our water situation, and ensure it folllows the party line. Yeah, that's really transparent!!! Lafayette residents need to not vote for those behind the recent recall -- Heisler, Harper, Sproul, LaMay and Higby -- when their general election ballots arrive in October! Vote for truth, not spin and fabrications and broken promises!



From Mon, 09/13/2010 - 9:34pm - Posted by: lafayette1

Woo Hoo!!! Finally some sanity comes to our water rates. Instead of paying $115 a month we'll now pay... Hrmphh.... $115 a month? Instead of what would have been $117 a month... Thanks?



The city council of Lafayette appoints citizens to its budget committee. The committee is charged with reviewing a proposed budget submitted by the City Manager, analyzing it and making recommendations as necessary. After doing so, the committee submits the budget for the upcoming fiscal year to the city council, which is charged with reviewing it and either approving the budget or sending it back to the city for revision.

Now, with all the news coverage of the federal TARP, Economic Development and other legislation, you may have heard of the Congressional Budget Office. This office analyzes these legislative propositions and allocates existing funds or proposes methods to fund the programs. These methods include increased taxes, special taxes, bonds, etc. Whether or not we agree with the changes made by Congress, that is the way new legislation is funded.

In Lafayette, the budget committee meets in 4-5 sessions in the spring for the upcoming year. The city council must stay within the restrictions of the budget for the complete year. This is good business practice, but I believe the practice would be still better if comparisons between the budget and spending were reviewed more often (I am thinking quarterly). It would also be better if we had a “to do list” generated by council based on review of citizen interest. That would make it possible to review the budget periodically to see if the allocations can be refined.

Nevertheless, I thought you might like to know how city revenues are budgeted, and who is making recommendations on your behalf. I am hoping that the budget committee might be involved more closely throughout the year in making the budget responsive to the needs of the city staff and the wishes of the citizens.
Please let one of us know your ideas. We love to hear from you!

Jean Mead
City of Lafayette Budget Committee Member


Food for indigestion

Of late, I've been more aware and curious about the goings on in this little burg I have chosen to make my home in. I think I've read just about everything available on trhe web about politics here in Lafayette, but by no means all! And I admit I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, BUT....

I am curious about the bio section pertaining to our shrinking city council. Seems the present mayor, whom I will hereafter, and properly(?) refer to as Hizzonor, and the man elected (???) as council prez saw fit to pass on the opportunity to let us citizens know a bit about them. Now I know this slight to the citizenry is old hat to most folks, but I'm still trying to catch up, and Hizzonor and the Prez aren't making it easy for me!

I know their names. Homework has taught me where they live. But, other than the statement from Hizzonor when he tossed his hat in the ring (all about transparency and better communication, as I recall), all I've heard about him is how awful he seems to be. In fact, that's pretty well the consensus around the old cracker barrel.

In fact, when he called me a few months ago, after a critical letter (from me to the News Register) came to his attention, I thought, "Well, this guy really meant what he said!" He ran on for quite a spell about the water "crisis", how he thought it should be handled, and so on. Being a bit dense on how a town in Oregon could have a water "crisis", I still have no idea what Hizzonor was talking about. I just wonder if he did!? I did mention to him that, based on what I'd been hearing one the street, He had a pretty serious "image problem".

Ah, but I digress! I've pretty well covered Hizzonor's web page, and the rambling opinions, and some pretty stupid contributions sent in (I suppose!) by subscribers to the site, and one thing remains perfectly clear to me. I am as in the dark about Hizzonor as I was the first time I laid eyes on him. That was nearly four years ago. HOW DID HE BECOME OUR MAYOR? WHO IS HE? WHAT DOES HE DO FOR A LIVING? Not tough questions in my mind. Why did he and Prez elect to avoid offering their bios. I gotta tell ya, friend, After being a car salesman for almost forty years, which I was, Hizzonor smells like a car salesman to me! If he runs for re-election, I sure aim to find out!

Fred Owen