Save Yourself - They Won't

   Another case of waste

Citizens in Lafayette have case after case of wasted effort and false starts from city hall. The city over planted the front of city hall, and every gardener that sees it knows they will end up throwing out 1/2 the plants next year because it will be too crowded.

Weeks spent going over a manifesto from former Councilor, Trevor Higby, shining him on the entire time. The moment he was gone, the whole project went into the circular file, never to be heard from again. But, his name was never mentioned again, either. He had served his purpose as a pawn in the recall - they no longer had a need for him.

The city has spent thousands of dollars having a consultant design a website that is worse than the one they had before. They continue to pay for maintenance, and it has become a garbage pit with information in no logical order. The website design itself is not elder or disability friendly. But, since no one at the city uses it, they really don't notice. If they really need to find something, they come here.

Every year, they hire a 'temporary' groundskeeper for the parks and then have them work on anything but. No matter, come fall, we have a new full-time employee because public works is over worked to manage our whopping 0.9 square mile town.

Every couple of years, they 'remodel' the community center. The restroom sinks and windows have all been replaced twice in the last six years, but the water heater is still dated from 1994. It would be laughable if it wasn't so horrible.

But, really, the item that has me on a tear today is the realization that thousands of tax dollars have been spent with the promise of having meeting videos online, even the promise of live streaming. In reality, they are given to a buddy of the mayor's (for free) to post on his website. The city has been offered countless FREE assistance to show them how they can post their own videos on their own website. Yet they continue to pay 3rd parties to accomplish the simplest of tasks. The city doesn't even bother to record the Planning Commission, Water Board or Budget meetings. Even the posting of the council meetings is hit an miss, someone getting around to it when its convenient. Yet, if any other citizen requests those same videos that the mayor's buddy gets for nothing, there is a large charge, a long wait and corrupted files.

The promises of transparency, open records and accountability always come out during the election cycle (when the video project was started), but those campaign promises are as short lived as the elected folks' commitment to the citizens who are funding the projects.